People today spend more time on the internet, where information is more readily available and more easily consumed, than ever before. And as a journalist, it has become increasingly important to adapt, finding ways to tell the story that will allow me to engage with more readers. But at the same time, those same challenges have brought opportunity, as it has become easier than ever to connect and share with people from far outside my own community.

After taking summer classes on programming languages including Java and C++, I’ve been able to expand my journalistic horizons to reach those who reside far beyond the St. Mark’s and Dallas communities.

With The ReMarker

While The ReMarker, along with Focus Magazine and the Endzone Sports Magazine, is solely a print publication, and the school does not allow us to produce online news, we have, in recent years, come to understand the necessity of providing news online as a way reach a broader audience.

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My hope is that, through making the paper available online, everyone from alumni to prospective students will more easily be able to access the publication that has become the heartbeat of impactful discussion on and around campus.

In summer 2016, inspired by a friend who knew of my journalistic background and love for aviation, I joined the rapidly growing aviation news site as a writer. Within a few weeks I had joined the photography team, too (more on that below), and I was elected senior writer just a year later, reporting to the editor-in-chief and working alongside one other person to head the fifteen-strong writing team.

I’ve written over 100 articles for the site since 2016, each time working to compose a piece and a larger package that will resonate with readers from all six inhabited continents. On another note, the top read article on the site continues to be a piece I wrote in late 2016, an analysis piece comparing Boeing’s 777-300ER and the Airbus A350-1000 with over 50,000 page views in 2018, second only in total readership to the site’s homepage. Read that article on

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from the beginning

The homepage

Below are some of the articles and packages I have created during my time working at

First Look: Inside American’s 787-9 Dreamliner

After taking a tour of the newest addition to the American Airlines fleet, I immediately posted an article with photos from the interior and exterior of the aircraft in addition to my own analysis of the passenger-facing product.

After taking a tour of American’s newest aircraft, I drafted an article telling and showing readers what to expect.

I paired images with simple fact paragraphs, allowing the photos to do most of the talking for the package.

Through I can’t change the skeleton of most of the articles I write for AirlineGeeks, I always strive to create a larger theme that relates back to the topic of the article. In one of my first pieces for the site, I dug into the archives of airlines and involved companies alike to craft a feel for the piece I felt was right. In the screenshot on the right, a publicly available photo from IBM is used.

In addition, I broke the text up in such a way that would allow the reader to better understand the ideas and stories I was hoping to get across.

Click here to read the article and see the formatting in its entirety on

Instagram: Three Years and 17,000 Followers

A screenshot of my aviation photography Instagram account.

The summer before I began ninth grade, inspired by my love for aviation and the photography class I had taken in seventh grade, I took my mom’s Sony DSLR out to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The first few photos I took that day were my first taste of aviation photography, an introduction to the passion (some might say addiction) that has shaped me journalistically.

Over the course of the past three years, that account has grown from one follower to over 17,000. Behind those now 17,400 followers, however, are over 1,600 posts, nearly 95,000 photos and hundreds of hours spent editing my photos on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, hoping to craft the best possible photo each time I press “post.”

As Instagram has changed, I've adapted the way I handle my account. When the platform added an option for “Business Accounts,” I was among the first to jump onboard, enabling followers or other aviation-related businesses that want to partner with me to work more professionally across the platform, in this case through email.

Today, I continue to post on a daily basis. While I may be 1,600 posts and nearly four years in, I see no end in sight, not only for where I can take @DallasFortWorthSpotter, but also for where it can take me.

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Below, you can see my twelve most recent posts. Click on the images to enlarge them or see the full picture, as the square crop will cut off non-square photos. Social Media

In order to broaden our reach and show more potential readers who we are and what we do, we strive to have a heavy social media presence across a variety of platforms. With a Twitter following surpassing 30,000 followers and an Instagram following that is approaching 20,000 strong, social media continues to be an increasing crucial part of our brand.

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Inside The Airlines

Over the course of the past two years, I, along with the editor-in-chief and a mutual flight attendant friend, created the Inside The Airlines podcast, a broadcast that aired live on Facebook and YouTube and was later available on all those platforms in addition to SoundCloud and iTunes.

Inside The Airlines on Soundcloud.

A list of the top ten Inside The Airlines podcasts on iTunes.

For more information on the podcast and to listen to sample episodes, visit Multimedia Broadcast.